DAY #2


So once we finally settled in and got some sleep, we were able to explore a bit of Eugene. First stop was Cornucopia on 5th St. for brunch. Some of the best food available in a bit of an odd ball place, with strange accoutrements adorning the all in a building next to railroad tracks. I ordered up a chicken fried burger with a Lagunitas Hop Stoopid…Great way to start the day right? Nothing says ready for the world like a high ABV IIPA.

After brunch we ventured off on our favorite vacation past time, educational attractions, and there is no better place than the Cascade Raptor Center. Where else can you meet a Gyrfalcon, a Bald Eagle, and a Golden Eagle. I also always love to see my favorite animal on the planet, the Peregrine Falcon. As the fastest animal on the face of our planet, the Peregrine Falcon hits nearly 220 MPH in a dive to capture avian prey on the wing. It is always humbling to meet the pinnacle of predatory evolution. If given the opportunity, please visit the Raptor Center, donate, and learn about the closest relative to the dinosaurs.


After we finished at the Raptor Center, we continued our journey northbound to Salem Oregon for a bit more beer, because…ya know…it had been liked 5 hours since a beer.

Our first stop was the Salem Ale Works (SAW). We found a great little brewery, cranking out fine North Western Pale Ales with a bit of bitter flavor on a hugely aromatic Pale. We were there at 11:00 AM, so it was difficult to figure out what the normal clientel was, but the staff was incredibly welcoming. We loved the atmosphere and the decor. Lots of  SAWS on the walls… hehe..

Moving forward!!!



Disclaimer: This post is as much for the reader as a way for me to chronicle where I have been for another visit.

Every year, my wife and I road trip to Bend in our 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This year we drove through NorCal to Eugene OR. We stopped a few places in Eugene before we packed up and headed north to Portland. From Portland we drove southeast to Bend for a few days before heading home. We spent eight days on the road, visited countless breweries and innumerable sights.

DAY 1- From Home to Eugene



Wildcard Brewing, Redding CA

Hop Valley- Eugene, OR

We loaded up the Jeep, tied everything down on the roof rack and hit the road. I figured on about nine hours of total driving the first day, with a couple stops that I had planned. 2017-07-31_10-37-14_654

We left about 8:30 AM and arrived at our first stop of Redding, CA about 1 in the afternoon. On our last trip we found Wildcard Brewing Company. Wildcard just opened a public house in downtown Redding, and we decided to make it our first stop. Wildcard has grown quite a bit over the past few years and now has two locations. Wildcard makes great heavily hopped Pale Ales and IPAs. I tried their Ruby Red Grapefruit IPA, which was phenomenal and the Grapefruit was very prevalent.

We continued north after a few beers, and got off the grinding hell that is Highway 5, just as the afternoon heat hit. It was projected to be a hot week, and the car thermometer read a chilly 114 degrees. That was when I began to notice that the Jeep was running hot…real hot.  And with that, we lost the A/C for the duration of the trip. As we drove with windows down and the defroster on, in 115 degree weather, we saw the snow covered peak of Mount Shasta.

About 4 hours later, we came across a road side educational stop. For those of you that have never been to Oregon, the place is littered with historical monuments, natural monuments, and educational outpost. We stumbled across the North Umpqua fish ladder in the City of Redmond. Had we come a month earlier or possibly a month later, we would have been able to see Chinook Salmon and Steelhead as they migrated up the Umpqua to spawn. Unfortunately we were unable to see any of the silvery fish in the viewing area, but we did see several Rainbow Trout darting about in the turbid waters.


Once again, we loaded up and continued north. In another 3 hours we finally made our way into Eugene, Oregon. Starving, I decided food before shelter, and we quickly looked for a brewery open on a monday night at 9 PM. Thank you  Hop Valley. After a couple Citrus Mistress IPAs and some street tacos, I was finally ready to turn in for the night. All in all a great day of travel through beautiful mountains in our 20 year old Jeep that somehow made the 9 hour journey. Day 1 of 8

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